Ublock source firefox no longer working

Ublock source firefox no longer working


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Aug 28,  · Not having this issue with my setup, but my mama ended up being on the phone earlier saying the same thing. I had to walk her through uninstalling then reinstalling Ublock Origin. I acquired her to uninstall UO, then close Firefox, then restart Firefox, reinstall UO again, then close Firefox, then restart it. Is apparently working for her now. IMPORTANT: uBlock Origin is totally unrelated to the site “”. uBlock Origin is not an “ad blocker”, it’s a wide-spectrum content blocker with CPU and memory performance as a primary feature/5(K). Ublock Origin not working (firefox) cant save settings etc. Solved. Hey guys. im Running latest type of firefox with latest type of ublock beginnings on a windows 10 device. Today it began with youtube showing adds. I uninstalled the addon and reinstalled it. Then i looked at the settings.


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Might 04,  · My firefox updated right now to most recent variation. When I unsealed it, my addons were declared useless by firefox. I removed all of them and tried re-installing, nevertheless the site firefox often says, “download failed. examine your link” even when I have an excellent internet when the expansion downloads, it states, “addon could not be installed, this indicates to be corrupted.”. -clearing cookies and having Ublock disabled lets the videos play out normally [Ublock ver ] [Firefox ] Ublock Log. I’ve been created aware of this bond from the issue. I have tried every one of the tricks here to no avail. Also weird thing, some videos play when embeded offsite, not on . Aug 28,  · devoid of this issue with my setup, but my mama had been on the phone earlier claiming a similar thing. I needed to walk her through uninstalling then reinstalling Ublock Origin. I got her to uninstall UO, then close Firefox, then restart Firefox, reinstall UO again, then close Firefox, then restart it. Appears to be working for her now.
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Hi, I’m hoping someone can advise myself as to why the lastest version of Firefox is certainly not working precisely of course it can be fixed. I will be perhaps not tech savvy, sorry. Since the final automated change Firefox was extremely sluggish running pages, will not load some after all and has now issues showing photographs and video.

Trying to form anything into Google search is almost impossible, it just doesn’t react once I click one thing or if it will it requires centuries to open in the brand-new tab. I have attempted to do some searching online for a remedy or answer but aren’t able to find something that does not refer to problems with Firefox in belated There have been new versions of Firefox since then which claim to have fixed any bugs. I have actually downloaded the lastest variation which i do believe is I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the modern type of Firefox once more and it is apparently working a lot quicker now.

Fingers crossed, it could be okay. A small dialog should appear. Could be the issue nevertheless there? Many thanks for your responce. I restarted Firefox in safe mode plus it unsealed some tabs quickly however once I attempted Google search it absolutely was sluggish again.

When I searched for a Wikipedia page it just stalled for around one minute. The title of the web page I had clicked on in Bing would not even highlight. While I happened to be waiting when you look at the brand-new tab it said Wikipedia Bing research and and at the bottom of the display it said connecting to www. It took many years and then eventually launched the Wiki page I had registered.

I’ve never skilled this with Firefox before, I have the exact same add ons etc that I have been making use of for a long time so I don’t think its those interfering along with it. I first thought its as a result of doodle. I removed the doodle making use of uBlock Origin, however the site held my Firefox slowing down.

I then blocked access to gstatic. Then you can quickly block particular parts of a site from the comfort of the key selection of uBlock Origin. I have win 8. Anyways I opt to restore to a earlier time but that don’t work some issues.

I tried older firefox maybe once or twice but they nevertheless don’t work appropriate. I invested the whole day looking to get my device to function properly and acquire my post to focus precisely. I was just going to reinstall screen from image backup for approximately a year ago. But I tried it one final attempt. This time I uninstall firefox and all of them deleted what I believed had been mostly every thing about firefox and performed a ccleaner from the registry. I setup firefox DO NOT ask me why it just did. Just is Really when I installed the I don’t know why but everything is working ideal.

And far more faster and smoother then your various other firefox programs. A very important factor i actually don’t understand is once I install the brand new I believed I had eliminate all the data from Where are they hiding all of this information on my computer system? Demonstrably obtained place it in a new area but where? If anybody understand where I would personally appreciate you telling myself therefore I know for the long run. I am hoping this might help somebody else.

Try deleting All I can figure is that once I installed best of luck and could the fox be with you :. Kindly scan with all programs because each program detects different malware. All of these programs have free variations. Make sure you update each program to obtain the most recent version of their databases before performing a scan.

It proved I needed to upgrade the motorists for the Radeon Mobile video card in the older Dell laptop I was making use of performing the inform was an adventure itself. After the motorists were updated, as well as the device rebooted, the Bing Doodle played properly in Firefox with no slowdown. Working Firefox 58 in one thread appears faster than the older variations of firefox.

No more empty pages thus far. Time will tell. I happened to be also ready to alter browsers, due to slow loading and freezes, and then tabs not loading after restart. Good News: I’ve simply upgraded to extremely fast loading, no issues after restarting. Wishing this knowledge continues. One of my 3 machines still hung up after one hour with fire fox operating I still find operating Firefox I started it in Safe mode, attempted it with a Blank page, disabled or removed the add-ons and extensions but it was still slow.

I also attempted removing Firefox and re-installing but it don’t assist. I finally wound up eliminating it, deleting the profile and re-installing, and now it seems ok, even with Bing. My questions is, what gets remaining around when you look at the profile that might cause this problem? Firefox starts slow , loads pages slow AND swirls alot and says Mozilla maybe not responding.

Been going on for a time Freezes , doesn’t respond to comands. Final time I did reset plus it removed everything and not got saved info back. Describe the issue in brief one-line. The web site will show any previous posts that may assist you to. Now enter all of the relative informative data on the issue.

At the bottom for this, you could add pictures. Under that is Troubleshooting Information. Please press the Share Data option. This will why don’t we evaluate your system details. No Personal Information Is Collected. Search Help Search. Learn More. Chosen solution I have actually uninstalled and reinstalled the newest type of Firefox once more plus it appears to be working considerably quicker now.

FredMcD Top 10 Contributor. Preferred Solution I have actually uninstalled and reinstalled the newest version of Firefox once again also it seems to be working considerably quicker now. In my situation, this solved the situation. I simply observe my motif image just isn’t on these days. I really hope doesn’t mean trouble I too are having these problems. Do a malware check with several malware scanning programs in the Windows computer. I have already scanned – nothing. It isn’t the Google Doodle, it’s any page when first launched.

Done well. Now find the category for the problem. In the bottom is Different. Under this is ”’Troubleshooting Information. Reduced than in the past today.

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