Skyrim force npc to equip

Skyrim force npc to equip


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.How would you force NPCs to put on certain outfits? – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


How to force a follower to equip definite gear I recognize when you look at the vanilla game, followers simply equip whatever could be the highest armor score for their favored equipment course (heavy, light, etc), and there’s something similar happening for weapons. You can easily temporarily force NPCs to wear gear through the size they follow you nevertheless. You can easily remove their armor yourself via Perfect touch. Or if you marry a follower you are able to provide them with better armor, which will make them move their starting armor to their shop. Mar 31, �� Outfit NPCs lets you gift armor or weapons to your NPC for them to immediately provide. Outfitting is established through discussion making use of a persuade check (that can easily be handicapped); if you’re buddies using the NPC, you don’t need to persuade them. Does not store details about outfitted NPCs, which means lower script load with no “management slots”!


Skyrim force npc to equip.Is there a way to make companions equip what you want? – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

7 years back. Go fully into the system, click the npc, and type “equipitem (item id) 1”. 3. level 2. [deleted] 7 years ago. Which is advisable also. I was longing for a mod that achieved it in my situation, but oh well. 2. Mar 31, �� Outfit NPCs lets you gift armor or weapons to any NPC to allow them to immediately equip. Outfitting is established through discussion using a persuade check (which are often handicapped); if you’re friends with all the NPC, you should not persuade them. Does not store information on outfitted NPCs, this means lower script load with no “management slots”! The product ID of the item you intend to create your target furnish. They have to have this item inside their inventory (you can use the additem command with this). See our item ID list for product codes. Choices: Optional. Specify (without quotes) ‘left’ to equip item in left hand or ‘right’ to provide in right hand.
Can there be a way to make companions equip what you want?
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How exactly to force equip armor on NPCs :: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim General Discussions
How will you force NPCs to put on certain clothes?

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Shop Webpage. Global Achievements. Showing 1 – 6 of 6 remarks. Rabidnid See Profile View Posts. Which NPC? see them when you look at the building set anf provided them the armour, or alter their default gown to the armour you need. Last edited by The Dovah’s Talon ; 19 Mar, pm. When you yourself have creation kit, and so are familiar with it, you open the NPCs form, click on the “inventory” tab, and look during the dropdown package for “default outfit.

Alternatively, you can leave default outfit at anything light, like clothing, and simply add the armor to your stock itself, so they really equip armor only when they are definitely following you. And also this lets you go on it from them and upsmith or enchant it. You should see a number under your crosshairs. Type inv which brings up their particular inventory, and in addition allows you to confirm that you’ve really selected them in the place of one thing around all of them.

Scroll through to check out what you want to get rid of, then glance at the ID number for every product. Type removeitem [ID number] [quantity] without brackets, so something such as removeitem 1 Then, use the help feature to locate for what you want them to put on. Quotes are required if looking around one or more word Then type additem [ID quantity] [quantity] once more without the brackets. The secret to using the system command is that you must leave a minumum of one piece of original gear in it, or they will “change,” when you’re perhaps not searching.

IMO, making use of creation kit is actually easier and much more stable. If you do alter all of them in creation system you’ve just created a mod and they don’t change right away, available system, click on all of them, and type resetinventory that may reset all of them as to the you want them to wear.

Final modified by jreese46 ; 19 Mar, pm. Or with gaming console commands. Get rid of the default ones include brand-new ones for their inventory.

Some armour products can’t be removed no real matter what you will do. CK is way better though. Last edited by Zefram Cochrane ; 19 Mar, pm. Screw it, I’m not busy right now. Which would you want changed and what would you like them to wear? If it’s vanilla stuff, I can make an instant mod for you.

I can not go get other mods to use though. I determined just how to chamge there default outfit using CK, i’ve a enough exprience to navigate the stars menu. Many thanks for all your assistance and assitance guys. Per page: 15 30 Date published: 19 Mar, pm. Posts: 6. Discussions Rules and Recommendations. Note: This is ONLY to be utilized to report spam, marketing and advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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