Samsung nx 2000 lenses

Samsung nx 2000 lenses


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5 rows · Includes mm Lens. The Samsung NX Smart Camera is bundled with a mm lens, which /5(). The Samsung NX series had been a series of APS-C mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (with the exception of Samsung NX mini that recreations a 1-inch sensor) with Samsung NX lens supports from Samsung Electronics, launched when you look at the APS-C image sensors have a ? crop factor. Optical picture stabilization is featured on some of the contacts, indicated by an “OIS” marking. While Samsung features lots of zooms in their mirrorless NX lens range, their primes contains an intriguing amalgamation of compact ‘pancake’ types, ultra-high rate styles and special purpose designs. We’ve assembled five models for testing and examined all of them utilizing a 20Mpix Samsung NX keep reading to observe how really the blend of high-resolution APS-C sensor and innovative NX-mount.


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May 01,  · News Reviews Articles Buying Guides Sample Pictures Videos Cameras Lenses Phones Printers Forums Galleries Challenges. Most useful digital cameras and lenses Brand index Samsung Samsung Interchangeable Lens Cameras. Samsung NX Specs. Revealed might 1, • 20 megapixels. Jan 05,  · The Samsung 60mm f/ Macro ED OIS NX is a very razor-sharp macro lens for NX cameras, but it are just a little sluggish to secure focus when working . Presently you can find 2 local Telephoto Zoom lenses for Samsung NX and all sorts of of these lenses are autofocus (AF) type. Samsung NX doesn’t always have a sensor based image stabilization system but 2 of those Telephoto Zoom lenses features optical image stabilization.
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The lens design, with 6 elements in 4 groups, is surprisingly simple. An important advantage of such a design is a high transmission and little potential for internal reflections. Flare in the form of decreased contrast or spirits with bright backlighting were not really noticed in our test.

At full aperture, the sides do leave one thing become desired. We often see that with pancake lenses, which is already settled in cases like this by preventing down 1 stop.

On the shots below, you notice the place at full aperture from the left sufficient reason for preventing down by 1 stop from the right. Our test camera ended up being an NX1, which with 28 megapixels on an APS-C sensor locations extremely high needs on the solving power of a lens. This lens makes photographs with a big focal level possible. Light things when you look at the back ground are loud.

WYSIWYG score : This table reveals the performance for this lens in the event that you conserve the files within the digital camera as jpg, for which you have used all available in-camera lens modifications.

This score gets near the intrinsic high quality of this mix of lens and test camera. While using the attention to high-tech, high-end contacts which have been released in the past months, you can nearly forget that there are also great, affordable lenses. A pancake lens design has a light body weight and extremely small dimensions as the utmost obvious benefits.

Samsung features been successful in designing a mm pancake lens whereby surprisingly few compromises were made in terms of the picture quality can be involved. Take into account that a Samsung NX lens is only able to be properly used on a Samsung camera. Tags: Amateur , Samsung Please Share This Share the information Opens in a brand new window Twitter Opens in a new window Facebook Type your text and hit enter to look By continuing to make use of this amazing site, you consent towards the utilization of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

Skip to content. This lens is part of a number of super-flat fixed-focal lengths for Samsung digital cameras. The compact construction of those lenses helps make the NX or perhaps the NX functional as pocket digital cameras. It really is a standard jpg shot. Go through the rehearse chance for an enlargement. In the NX, you will achieve the exact same image high quality as here, since the sensor and processor for the NX has the same image quality as that of this NX1.

Build and car focus This 20 mm lens is a bit bigger than the 30 mm pancake, which we tested previously. The 20 mm 30 mm in full-frame equivalent is a moderate wide-angle, of that your field of view also drops in the array of most standard zooms. Fixed focal lengths score when it comes to optics in every cases extremely much better than zooms and are usually hence a must-have for a serious amateur.

This lens doesn’t have integrated picture stabilization, however it comes with the iFn innovation with which you can use the distance ring for options of, as an example, aperture.

The weight of simply 90 grms and the remarkably compact dimensions with this fixed focal length are pleasant pluses relative to the kit lens you got with the purchase of your Samsung digital camera. You must set that with the body. Every thing seems sleek and exact. Leading lens is little; the filter mount, at 43 mm, is equal to that of, for instance, the 16 mm or 30 mm Samsung NX lenses.

That means it is easy, since you can hence make use of the same filters without an adapter ring. A lens bonnet is certainly not an element of the standard equipment. The shortest distance setting is 17 cm. AF works fast and quietly. When you focus nearby, the lens moves a little little bit, almost unnoticeably, forward. Like all amateur lenses, this lens is not extra-well sealed against dust or splashwater. Tags: Amateur , Samsung. Type your text and hit enter to locate. By continuing to utilize this amazing site, you consent to your usage of cookies in accordance with your Cookie Policy.

Build and automobile focus. This 20 mm lens is a little bit larger than the 30 mm pancake, which we tested formerly. Pros High build and image quality High brightness Light and compact i-Function key Universally usable focal length; ideal for street photography Attractively priced.

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