Lian li pc q01

Lian li pc q01


Lian Li PC-Q08 Review.Lian Li Announces New Brushed Aluminum Mini-ITX Chasis � PC-Q01 | TechPowerUp


Lian Li; If it’s your very first see, make sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may need to register before you can post: click on the sign-up link above to continue. To start watching messages, select the discussion board that you would like to go to from the choice below. Lian Li, the masters associated with the aluminum framework, has just established the PC-Q01 Mini-ITX PC chassis. Created for people who love compact situation designed, the PC-Q01 is . May 08, �� 8 Might , Keelung, Taiwan – Lian Li today announces a new brushed aluminum Mini-ITX chassis � PC-QThis small situation is designed for small office/home Computer environments and functions a tool-lessly removable L-shaped cover that makes installations effortless in .


Lian li pc q01.LIAN LI is a respected Provider of PC instances | Computer Cases | PC Build | Gaming instances

Lian Li, the masters for the aluminum framework, has just established the PC-Q01 Mini-ITX PC framework. Designed for people who love compact instance designed, the PC-Q01 is . May 09, �� Lian Li announces a brand new brushed aluminum Mini-ITX chassis – PC-Q This compact situation is perfect for small office/home PC environments and features a tool-lessly removable L . May 08, �� 8 May , Keelung, Taiwan – Lian Litoday declares a brand-new brushed aluminum Mini-ITX chassis � PC-Q This small situation is made for tiny office/home PC environments and functions a tool-lessly detachable L-shaped cover that makes installations effortless in space-confined ITX methods. Take Advantage of Increasingly Efficient SFF Hardware.
Lian Li Launches PC-Q01 Aluminium Mini-ITX PC Chassis
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Lian Li Launches PC-Q01 Aluminium Mini-ITX PC Chassis | eTeknix
Lian Li PC-Q08 mini-ITX Case Review
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Lian Li Introduce The PC-Q01

It boils down the exact same well-trodden path because the Shuttle breadbox style cases therefore the newest Silverstone Sugo situations, but appears significantly bigger than most of them. The case comes in three different colors: black colored, silver, and red.

The outcome consists of 1. The sides are stylishly rounded on the outside, providing it less of a clunky, boxy look. The side panels are flat sheets held on with a series of little black colored screws lining the edges.

Air conditioning is provided by two fans, a 14 cm model acting as a front intake, and a 12 cm model at the very top acting as an exhaust. The layout puts the energy supply on its part over the motherboard, something which was once common in shorter ATX cases of old, perhaps across the Pentium III and Celeron age. The PC-Q08 actions x x mm or approximately Its footprint is comparable to that of this Silverstone Sugo SG07, but due to the fact Lian Li features a vertically mounted motherboard, a regular size optical drive bay, and a big hard drive cage, it stands in excess of three inches taller.

Working inside the PC-Q08 is not hard. All of the sides are rolled to avoid slices and scratches as well as the forward fan and drive cages can be removed without tools. In inclusion, the energy supply bracket is held on with thumbscrews. Our test motherboard with a Scythe Samurai ZZ cooler set up in the event. There is about 15 mm between the top of the lover in addition to power that slides in above it, making total clearance roughly mm.

The baseline acoustics for the test system were relatively low thanks a lot in part to our range of elements. Together they truly are relatively noisy at full speed but fortunately they undervolt very well becoming what we consider becoming peaceful at between 9V and 7V.

Despite their translucent plastic construction, they seemed really smooth in their range, although the top fan did develop some tonality specially at higher rates. While its filter is raised for many breathing area, no such consideration was handed to how the lover physically connects to the instance; we wish they’d decoupled it like the forward lover.

IGP test system lower drive cage changed with spacer. IGP test system with three hard drives. The addition of three drives increased the noise amount of the IGP test system by a proper 4 dBA 1m while system energy consumption increased by only 14W. The drives selected have fairly great acoustics, therefore the overall sound associated with the system remained smooth in most cases. We noticed the machine was generating some pretty heavy resonance.

Do to its rhythmic nature, it had been tough to pick up through frequency evaluation, nevertheless the vibration results were plainly audible in our sound recording. This recording starts with 5 moments of ambient noise followed closely by alternating 5 second sections associated with test system aided by the part panels squeezed manually, therefore the test system undisturbed:.

If you listen closely you will definitely hear the machine sounding fairly smooth and innocuous with our bare fingers squeezing the scenario part panels, then when along side it panels are left in their normal state, the rhythmic pulsing of the hard disk drives getting the truth; the real difference is truly dramatic.

Because of the anatomy associated with case, it is not hard to see why the HDD oscillations have actually this result. The medial side panels are secured at six little things across the sides, and not supported after all within the corners, making it at risk of trembling.

In the event that bottom cage is removed in support of the spacer to allow longer video cards, the vibration gets worse whilst the spacer just aids the main drive cage on a single side. There is a lot of metal-on-metal contact and absolutely nothing inside to help apart from the rubber grommets. Eventually, even though the exterior panels have actually a generous 1. For it to truly have the same mass as 0.

See section on Aluminum on p. HD test system lower drive cage replaced with spacer. There was clearly 15 mm of clearance within the layouts card. The acoustics of the system at idle after including a Radeon HD had been much like the system without one, increasing the SPL by only 1 dBA 1m; it might be difficult for us to share with the real difference in a blind test. This issue could be certain to the test processor, which generally seems to operate relatively hot.

On load, the noise distinction was rather large, measuring 31 dBA 1m because of the stock fans at 7V. The caliber of sound had been relatively smooth and broadband � it was just the amount that people had issue with. Because of the design of the case interior, the graphics card is by itself, thermally speaking..

Apart from some low-frequency tonality at about KHz, the inclusion of a HD did little to alter the overall broadband acoustic profile of our test system. Not surprisingly, the general noise standard of the PC-Q08 in this condition ended up being far lower. The is more comfortable in the Lian Li case, nevertheless the temperature coming off the rear of the card rises toward the CPU. This along with the power offer sitting straight over the CPU cooler makes for a more thermally challenging situation for the processor.

They represent a quick snapshot of that which we heard throughout the review. Each recording starts with ambient sound, then 10 second segments of item at numerous states. What we noticed most when compared with other cases was its impressive overall fit and finish. This has a sturdy, all-aluminum external building that not only looks great, it is noticeably less flimsy than the Silverstone Sugo SG Everything in the inside seems to be relatively well thought out, making installation of components inside the enclosure very simple.

The capacity to hold up to six 3. While help for a big hard drive cage appears to have been the key power when it comes to development of the PC-Q08, the resulting size made it large enough to accommodate an ATX power as well as a 30 cm long illustrations card.

CPU heatsink approval is better than average as well, and the included LED followers have actually good acoustics and are very quiet when undervolted.

As a gaming instance, it is pretty much a match when it comes to Silverstone SG07, but closer to lower than even more. The stock cooler on our Radeon HD test card had not been as thermally taxed in the PC-Q08, letting it operate at lower speeds at both idle and load. Because of the solution to install so many HDDs, the Half a dozen hard drives are hard to keep peaceful, irrespective of instance size, but it is always a lot more of challenging in a little situation.

Regrettably, the loosely secured drive cages transmit HDD vibrations effortlessly to your part panels, which amplify them audibly. The supplied rubber grommets do-little to alleviate this dilemma. Your current email address won’t be posted. Save my title, mail, and website in this browser for the following time I comment.

Silent PC Review has been providing qualified advice and detailed reviews of PCs and peripherals since Lian Li. The box. From another direction. The leading associated with the situation is rather basic with a big intake vent for a 14 cm fan and a stealthed optical drive bay.

The rear for the case is heavily ventilated. Oxygen for the graphics card is provided by the countless holes punched into the situation floor. There are four accessible screws near the forward side securing the bottom tough drive cage around.

The motherboard standoffs are built straight into just the right part panel. The drive bays are broken into three detachable sections, one when it comes to optical drive towards the top, one for four hard disks at the center and another for just two more hard disks at the bottom.

The leading fan pulls air in from the external after dark hard disk drives where it exits both through the rear or up through the utmost effective fatigue fan. A cleverly designed metal framework facilitates easy front side fan installation and removal.

The framework has four screws with two washers a bit that create a dumbbell configuration. The room involving the washers allows the lover installation to simply slide into holes situated behind the front bezel. Less attention had been paid into the top lover though � it mounts making use of standard fan screws. The outcome features a pair of front USB 3. An internal header USB 2. The main drive cage is installed utilizing a single thumbscrew. It sits atop an inferior cage that is screwed to the case floor.

The mounting holes have stiff rubber grommets to dampen vibration. Downloaded and ready to go. The blue power LED damages the red color plan. Idle system power usage: 40W AC.

Ambient noise degree: 11 dBA. CPU lover speed: 8V. Dark gray boxes suggest testing failure. Program fan speeds: off. Silverstone Sugo SG Leave a Comment Cancel answer Your email address will never be published.

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The next beta assessment of Darkspore has begun
fourteen.04.2021 [20:21],
Petr Petrov

After a brief trial beta of Darkspore on Steam, which ended at the conclusion of March, EA made a decision to start an additional longer test associated with brand-new team action / RPG.

Start beta testing associated with online game will assist you to walk around 12 maps and drive your character to stage 15. Needless to say, you will be also allowed to learn all of the subtleties of this hero development system, which was partly built on the basis of this online game Spore. Recall that the activity of Darkspore occurs when you look at the distant future, as well as the main feature of the project remains a powerful cooperative mode with PvP.

The very first beta evaluating associated with game required Steam become installed on your pc. The 2nd does not enforce such constraints. You are able to install the desired 5.49 GB from the formal website or right through Steam. Several patches already circulated. Darkspore are offered to play until April 22, 2021. The full version of the video game are introduced on April 26.

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