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Dec 26,  · To determine part numbers when it comes to Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P (rev ) motherboard, we use best guess approach centered on CPU model, frequency and functions. Oftentimes our guess is wrong. Please use specifications from the compatibility . Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P – motherboard – small ATX – plug AM2 – GeForce overview and full item specs on CNET. The latest S series motherboards GA-M61PME-S2; supporting AMD new generation AM2 processor with double station DDR2 MHz high-frequency memories, offering dependable and easy to use computing and reaching the optimum system performance quickly via personalized pc software settings.


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The newest S show motherboard GA-M61PME-S2; supporting AMD new generation AM2 processor with dual station DDR2 MHz high-frequency memories offering trustworthy and user friendly computing and attaining the optimum system performance easily via personalized pc software s: 4. Dec 26,  · To determine part figures for the Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P (rev ) motherboard, we use best guess approach centered on Central Processing Unit model, frequency and features. In some cases our guess may be incorrect. Please use specifications from the compatibility . View and install Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2 user manual on the web. AM2 socket motherboard for AMD Athlon 64 FX processor/ AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processor/ AMD Athlon 64 processor/AMD Sempron processor. GA-M61PME-S2 motherboard pdf manual grab.
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Dining Table Of Contents. Fast Links. Dining table of Contents. Previous Webpage. Next Page. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 81 Troubleshooting process webpage 5 part 3 Drivers Installation webpage 9: part 1 Hardware Installation Chapter 1 Hardware Installation Installation Precautions The motherboard includes many delicate electronic circuits and elements which can become damaged because of electrostatic release ESD.

Page 13 B. Before setting up the CPU, ensure that you turn off the pc and unplug the energy cord from the energy outlet to prevent damage to the Central Processing Unit. Step one: Apply an even and slim layer of thermal grease on the surface of this set up Central Processing Unit. It is recommended that memory of the identical ability, brand, speed, and potato chips be utilized.

Follow the measures below to correctly install your memory modules in the memory sockets. Distribute the retaining clips at both stops of the memory plug. Carefully see the manual that was included with your expansion card. Don’t rock it side to side to avoid an electric brief inside the cable connector.

Use this sound jack for line in gadgets such an optical drive, walkman, etc. line-out Jack Green The default line out jack.

Make use of this audio jack for a headphone or 2-channel presenter. Before connecting the energy connector, initially make sure the power supply is deterred and all sorts of gadgets are precisely set up. Page 22 KB, KB, 1. Before connecting a floppy disk drive, be sure to find pin hands down the connector as well as the floppy disk drive cable. The pin hands down the cable is normally designated by a stripe various color. Before attaching the IDE cable, locate the foolproof groove in the connector.

If you wish to connect two IDE products, make every effort to set the jumpers as well as the cabling relating to the role of the IDE gadgets as an example, master or slave. Webpage Battery – associated with battery the positive side should face up. Turn fully off your computer and unplug the power cord. Note the negative and positive pins before linking the cables.

For purchasing the recommended 5. webpage 28 16 CI Chassis Intrusion Header This motherboard offers a framework recognition feature that detects if the chassis address has been removed. This function requires a chassis with framework intrusion recognition design.

Pin No. To clear the CMOS values, destination a jumper limit in the two pins to temporarily brief the 2 pins or use a metal object like a screwdriver to touch the 2 pins for some seconds. Base Memory also referred to as old-fashioned memory. Extended Memory the quantity of extended memory. If you want to establish a dual view setup, set this item to Always Enable.

Webpage 40 Enables the incorporated USB 1. Default V1. Disabled Disables the built-in USB 1. Disabled will turn fully off all the USB functionalities below. Just in case system uncertainty takes place, you could attempt to load Fail-Safe defaults, that are the safest and a lot of stable BIOS settings for the motherboard. The motorist Autorun display screen is instantly presented which looks like that shown when you look at the screen shot under. You’ll click the Install switch from the right of a product to install it. Technical Manuals This page provides content information for this motorist disk and the motherboard manuals.

System this site provides the basic system information. Modern type of the BIOS, motorists, or applications are displayed. Page 56 C. head to Disk Management to check disk allocation. Webpage 57 D. Before You Begin: 1.

Extract the file and conserve the newest BIOS file e. F1 to your floppy disk, USB flash drive, or hard drive. Page Updating The Bios B. The take process assumes that you save the BIOS file to a floppy disk. Step one: 1. Insert the floppy disk containing the BIOS file in to the floppy disk drive. The task is complete following the system restarts. Do not use the C. Install SATA hard disk s in your computer. Page 67 C. For a non-RAID setup, please skip this step and go to the installing of Windows operating-system.

From your optical drive folder, dual click on the MENU. A command prompt window will open up much like that in Figure 2.

Webpage 72 relate to the next instructions if you would like manually reconstruct a hard drive-in the range. Step To enable 7. Page 74 Before installing the audio motorist, ensure the “Microsoft UAA Bus driver for hd Audio” was installed through the motherboard driver disk and your operating system happens to be updated using the most recent Service Pack for Windows.

Webpage 75 Step 2: link an audio product to an audio jack. The The current connected product is dialog box appears. Select the device in accordance with the kind of device you link.

Then click OK. Step 3: On the Speakers display screen, click on the Speaker Configu- ration loss. Mouse click OK to complete. Page Configuring Microphone tracking It is advised which you put the volumes at a middle degree.

Should you want to replace the current sound feedback standard product to microphone, right-click on Microphone and select Set Default Device. Page 79 step four: To raise the recording and playback amount when it comes to microphone, click on the Microphone Increase icon from the right for the Recording amount slider and set the Microphone Increase degree.

Action 5: After finishing the settings above, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click noise Recorder to start the noise recording.

Webpage with the Sound Recorder 3. To end recording audio, click the Stop Recording button Be sure to conserve the recorded sound file upon conclusion. Playing the Recorded noise: It’s possible to play your recording in an electronic digital news player system that supports your audio file format. Webpage Troubleshooting Procedure switch on the ability to start out the computer. Webpage 83 When the computer is fired up, may be the CPU cooler running? Check always if you have display on your own monitor.

Turn fully off the computer. Plugg in the keyboard and mouse and resume the computer. Always check in the event that keyboard is working correctly. Webpage Regulatory Statements “end of life” product. The parts and elements have already been carefully chosen to generally meet RoHS necessity.

Webpage 85 Finally, we claim that you practice different environmentally friendly actions by comprehension and using the energy-saving popular features of this product where relevant , recycling the inner and outer packaging including shipping containers this system ended up being delivered in, and also by getting rid of or recycling made use of batteries properly. Print web page 1 Print document 88 pages. Cancel Erase. Sign In OR.

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Roskomnadzor demanded an explanation from Uber relating to data breach
23.eleven.20021 [18:17],
Sergey Karasev

The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and media (Roskomnadzor) sent a request to Uber concerning the size drip of passenger and motorist information that occurred in 2021.

Photos Volvo / Uber

Since it ended up yesterday, Uber hid last year’s hack of the system, as a consequence of that your information of 57 million customers and motorists had been at an increased risk. Uber paid hackers a ransom when you look at the number of $ 100 thousand in order that they erase information plus the news and regulators would not know about the drip.

Because the Moscow City News Agency now states, Roskomnadzor sent a demand to Uber’s Russian office demanding to tell if the leak impacted the non-public data of Russian residents.

The theory is that, attackers could access the brands, e-mail details and phone numbers of passengers. However, nothing is understood about cases of unlawful usage of private information of Russian people.

“At the minute, there have been no complaints about Uber from Russian citizens. Issue of additional activities in relation to Uber will undoubtedly be determined after the bill of a response into the request of Roskomnadzor, ”the Russian department noted.