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Fresh fruits of a Feather is a lovely, soothing flying expertise in which you fly around the lowest poly area of utopia, taking in spectacular views and consuming good fresh fruit. The target in fresh fruits of a Feather would be to eat-all the fresh fruit that is scattered round the area. Feather by Samurai Punk. Feather is a serene online game about research and immersion in a beautiful landscape. Become a bird, fly around and drop yourself in zen-like circulation whilst hearing the soothing ambient soundtrack.5/5(). Sep 02,  · PC gaming news, previews, reviews, opinion. Tranquil bird flight simulator Feather soars into stores High flying.


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Feather by Samurai Punk. Feather is a serene game about exploration and immersion in a lovely landscape. Become a bird, fly around and drop yourself in zen-like movement whilst hearing the soothing ambient soundtrack.5/5(). Sep 02,  · PC gaming information, previews, reviews, opinion. Tranquil bird flight simulator Feather soars into stores High traveling. Fresh fruits of a Feather is a lovely, relaxing flying experience with that you simply fly around a reduced poly island of paradise, ingesting spectacular scenery and consuming fresh fruit. The objective in fresh fruits of a Feather would be to eat all the fruit that is spread across the area.
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Feather is a serene game about research and immersion in a lovely landscape. Become a bird, fly around and lose yourself in zen-like circulation whilst listening to the relaxing ambient soundtrack. OST offered to stream on Bandcamp. Stay up to date on development on our Discord. Your purchase includes a Steam secret. You’re getting access into the next files:.

Sign in with itch. So should we simply assume that the Linux and Mac versions were abandoned by now? Considering that it has been a-year since someone from Samurai Punk said they were looking to fix the pests and launch an update, it appears reasonable. I will actually confirm Mac is originating as well as very soon along side other news.

Sadly linux is not taking place. I will never say never ever but at this time it’s a no. Please can you put back the mac type of the demo, I used to have it, and I wish to play it once again.

Thanks in advance. Steam shows that the video game features a French screen, but Itch indicates that the video game is just in English. I left the demo up so people can take to the old model from 3 years ago however if you’d like more content the entire launch is present for sale. Can you update title of your video to Fruits of a Feather in place of Feather as that is the old prototype you played.

It’s a shame that you do not have a working Linux develop however, since I liked the model variation tremendously. I really hope you do manage to get it working and update the game to incorporate it shortly. Did you get rid of the Linux variation totally? I was once able to play I suppose it had been the demo version? I would happily purchase the old demo variation back; I love this online game and play ed it on Linux regularly! We nearly shipped linux but ran into some crash pests as a result of some experimental shader work we performed.

Hopefully we are going to be releasing linux support in an inform. I favor this game and hate the concept of dropping it! Will purchase many copies! Ideally we’ll move it call at future spots.

Tip: if you should be making use of Unity, avoid if you should be on It is a good online game and I really hope it goes far but i’ve had one significant problem with sound. No matter what I actually do the overall game has no sound or songs or anything. I will accept any advice. I’ve already attempted updating my noise card motorists and deleting and downloading the overall game numerous times.

This online game it great it make take on a tough topic and bring me personally back to once I ended up being a yonng son or daughter dreaming about flying around a high speed. However I love this online game but i’m that there must be a little more doing. But I not state i dislike it but I only perform for so long 25 mins but I will see how dull this may get without some feture above. I’ve always wanted to play a-game where you can simply just occur within a peaceful environment and also this online game certainly delivered!! This is among the first Indie games I ever played and there really is no other online game like it.

It’s good having a game that focuses totally on ambience and relaxation and not challenge and settings. It truly makes it a lot more of an experience than a game, and here just aren’t an adequate amount of those around. I played it over a year ago and always return to it to chill me completely, I am so glad to listen to that it’s being expanded into a bigger game. That being said, i really do believe ‘Fruits of a Feather’ is a much more unique name than ‘Feather’, but I am thrilled to see that the aesthetic style is staying exactly the same.

The composer did a stellar job, it’s the best in virtually any online game and I would like to tune in to it while doing other activities also. Often, less is more, and that phrase sums up the success and gameplay of the online game perfectly.

The sound recording are launched on steam aided by the online game but for now our composer gets the album through to Bandcamp. I feel really stupid, but is it designed to totally extract? I am running Linux Mint and I utilized the extract alternative but it does not fully extract.

My girl would love this online game as she wants to “fly like wild birds” but I cannot have it working. Am I able to find some advice? Sorry, i will be not used to Linux as Windows 10 completely crashed my computer system with no longer deals with it. Get a Good Zip extracter. After removing, open the file and correct mouse click in the. Then go to permissions and allow to perform as a course. Then, your game game will run as usual. Breathtaking game, This game tends to make me feel so motivated since the goal of this online game would be to collect all of the fruits and I was from the last one and it took me personally 6 times to locate it and I happened to be not stopping because i understand i wish to achieve the things I need to do to feel like I have completed the best thing in life.

Many thanks in making this game i must say i, really love it. I have played on-line games all my entire life and I can say here is the most soothing, fun and soothing game I’ve ever played within my entire life.

Hats down, hands down. I’ve one question though, just how do I restart the game with my score back once again to 0 so I can play it repeatedly. Thanks quite a bit SamuraiPunk Glad you liked the game, we have actually got a big re-release not far off so maintain your eyes available for that. Hahaha, I think i understand that which you imply when you state “secret”.

In addition I’ve tried the video game in Windows 10 because of the very same options, and I have noticed a big change utilizing the bird’s trip.

My main computer is Archlinux and here the trip is much more smooth, smooth, while on Windoze it’s kinda edgy. I recently thought you have to know. In addition I’m excited along with your future “big re-release”. Very cool! Many thanks with this soothing experience! This is certainly a sow good online game! I played it now for about one hour and its altrough enjoyable! I am going to donate several of my pocket money to the producers.

I also can’t figure out what the portals are for I installed this game and I set the illustrations into the most affordable. Definitely amazing! I regret not having VR, but on PC it’s very relaxing and enjoyable also.

I discovered an easter egg as soon as. Then reverse on track, about to back once again to that easter egg later. But i cannot find it once again. Have always been I just destroyed, or it’s disposable? Is there a link to a 32 little bit download? Cannot seem to get a hold of one The download just includes 64 little more information.

You get access to the next files: Feather v1. Install FruitsOfAFeather2. Sep 30, Sep 23, Jun 04, Apr 17, Apr 05, Aug 01, Sep 13, Comments sign in with itch. Nezchan days ago.

Might have been nice if y’all just came away and said it though. Samurai Punk times ago. Would also appreciate a mac demo :. Also, exactly why is the Linux variation unavailable on Itch?

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