Enermax coenus pc computer case

Enermax coenus pc computer case


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Enermax COENUS Case Review
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Enermax Coenus Computer Case
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Where did they have that name? According to the box, the B variation activities two a lot fewer 3. Through the item web page :. Notice that they have been advertising 30 mm clearance behind the motherboard tray as a feature. I have seen a few other situations so marketed, yet not many.

It’s possible to store much more effectively in the event that producer informs you what the approval is. Thank you, Enermax. It’s possible to learn more about this case by downloading the datasheet. The framework the main case is mm 8.

Unlike other cases, this extra area is apportioned to both sides. Not merely will there be plenty of room for cables within the back, but you can put a taller heatsink in the main chamber than you’d are expecting. A mm exhaust fan informs you the case will fit a full-tower heatsink. Typically you appear for a mm lover when you look at the returning to show you will have room for an extra-tall heatsink. It may be mm With those handles, I measured at the least mm deep This is certainly probably an underestimate, as those manages jut well significantly more than an inch behind the scenario.

Not included in the authoritative features or requirements lists are the lengths of video card you can invest the scenario. The way it is arrived in a box with black ink that conveyed the main specifications and tells the shipper how big the shipping package is.

Also bad in regards to the damage to both ends. It looks like it took a bit of a beating. It had been further protected from scratches by the typical plastic case, and safety sheets on the inside and outside of this plastic side window. As a result of wide-angle for the camera lens, the broadened chapters of both panels could perhaps not be shown.

Both are there, though. Besides the settings towards the top, an important aspect of this case is that the 5. In the center of the front panel we come across a filtered area about one lover tall. This tells us that when we put two followers there they’ll be sucking hard on that forward filter.

We’ll need high static pressure fans if we choose two. The second photo shows the remaining part of this case. As assured, the screen is nicely pushed completely. We are able to see from taking a look at the roof-line that the most effective is also pushed on. Finally, you can observe one of many back manages. Suitable side view reveals us the broadened right panel. The expanded roof-line plus the back handle we now have seen before. Your own feet are fairly substantial. The screw holes mark patterns for mm and mm rads.

Needless to say, you’re able to put two mm or two mm followers around. If you are an airhead and now have or can buy mm followers, i would recommend those for quieter airflow than you can get with mm followers. You’ll be able to look at mm screw gap pattern for mm followers.

Those four holes are elongated to support varying screw jobs. You will not be forced to use Enermax fans. The base view shows us that there’s a lot of grill area not merely for your PSU air intake, also for a bottom lover, if you choose to use one. I can let you know that neither is not difficult to put back when the actual situation is on its feet.

Worse — they are maybe not really filters but really, actually restrictive grills. Easier to have simply kept all of them off. Well, we’ve been all over this instance so we discovered no dings. Despite the damage the packaging took in delivery, the truth came through fine. Initially, we are able to understand back handle and bumper. It seems little, but it is big enough to complete its task. Following, we come across the extended window panel using its protective synthetic layer. The utmost effective and bottom of this side panel have thin puppies to pull the panel tight from the instance if it is pushed forward.

That component is quite clumsy, but using that method aided keep consitently the cost low. The leading part, but, has an open-sided hinge. That will have-been a great touch except that the puppies and also the lack of a bottom sill keep consitently the open hinge from assisting much. So you fundamentally place the panel up resistant to the case, and slip it forward to activate the puppies. One good detail could be the choice Enermax made on thumbscrews. As opposed to old-fashioned single piece thumbscrews, the truth designers opted for synthetic cylinders utilizing the screws poking through.

They are more straightforward to work with than regular thumbscrews. First, the scenario might be gray on the exterior however it is black colored in the inside. There aren’t any grommets within the motherboard tray, nevertheless the sides don’t look sharp from here. Starting in the bottom of the situation, we come across rubberized pads where case has bumpers when it comes to PSU. The seven slot machines use screws as opposed to thumbscrews. And that means you use a screwdriver.

But a thumbscrew is oftentimes so heavy that it drops from the magnetized tip of this screwdriver. Therefore a standard screw is way better. Keep in mind that the fatigue fan has only a 3-pin connect, so that it will only get into a motherboard lover header or an adapter. No Molex connector or adapter comes. Crossing to the other part associated with chamber, the three 5. Simply slide in your product which is set. It is among the smoothest-operating slide-in latches I have tried personally. Underneath the 5. Nevertheless the side-wall is movable, so it can accommodate four 3.

At bottom there was a three-slot 3. Unfortunately, all the sidewalls look fairly restrictive for airflow. When you look at the closeup associated with motherboard tray, that little opening in the upper left place that seems like something took a nibble? The CPU screen is nice and big, and eight associated with the nine standoffs are present why just eight?

None of this standoffs are men, so there is nothing to hang your board on even though you screw it in. From here you can view how the right panel is expanded for cable management. You can even note that the motherboard tray has a number of cable tie things on its rear. But no other kinds of motherboards. You saw that box full of accessories when you look at the 2. The bag of screws in addition, provides the ninth standoff, just in case you had been wondering where it had been. But why 22 side rails?

It turns out that the screw hole jobs in the sides of 2. So, as the top side-wall can move, Enermax supplied seven pairs of 3. Those white washers are cushions, truly. But a loud hard drive will likely make itself heard in this situation. One great thing about removable side rails is that they leave the most truly effective and bottom surfaces subjected to airflow to help keep all of them cool.

You can even believe it is online here :. Manual, Front Manual, Reverse Here is the cable bundle from the front associated with situation. Also included in the bundle is the line from the forward fan, which has just a 3-pin plug. Again, no Molex connector. Imagine if your motherboard does not have a spare fan header? Setting up the leading associated with COENUS we can see that the faceplate comes completely without any the case — but just after a mighty pull. To put it back however, you need to wedge it beneath the overhang, angle it back in, then give it several sharp taps to seat it.

As mentioned above, the slot addresses dual as filters. There is certainly room for a mm lover, but no screw holes for starters. You’re going to have to use double-sticky Velcro if you want to install a mm lover. Alternatively, you have threaded holes for example or two mm fans. Behind the lover we are able to see a rather limiting HDD cage wall of metal that any forward fans will need to push through.

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