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Rothe are fictional herd animals in a variety of role-playing games. Within the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, these are generally one of many main livestock of humans of Faerun ‘s Northern places as well as the drow of the Underdark below. Deep rothe: A staple in the diet plans of many drow and duergar communities, these herd pets for the Underdark are tiny but powerfully built. Dec 31,  · Deep Rothe are described as “stunted Underdark variations of Rothe”, being Medium size in the place of big, having fewer hit dice and hit points, and having the capability to cast Dancing Lights (in addition to better Darkvision). Rothe are called “resembling musk oxen” (a Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes.


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A big mammal, the Rothe is a sturdy beast which can be found in the hills, in addition it features more magical variations such as the Deep Rothe which could emmit magical lights or perhaps the Ghost Rothe which could cast Silence and Jump to be able to aid it self. Dec 31,  · Deep Rothe are referred to as “stunted Underdark variations of Rothe”, becoming Medium size instead of big, having fewer hit dice and hit points, and having the capacity to cast dance Lights (in addition to better Darkvision). Rothe are called “resembling musk oxen” (a Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Deep rothe: A staple when you look at the diets of numerous drow and duergar communities, these herd pets of this Underdark are small but powerfully built.
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Deep Rothe
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Deep Rothe
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Thread starter Werebat Start day Dec 30, Werebat First article. File this under “I can’t believe this actually came up in my own campaign, however in my OotA online game, people desired to purchase some beasts of burden, and I figured that Deep Rothe may possibly be around in Gracklstugh and a few other satisfied areas. Now the Deep Rothe is a variant of the Rothe, that will be in turn a variant for the Ox, which can be itself a variant associated with Cow. Each variant says it used the stats for the variant before it, but means out one or two customizations.

Deep Rothe are described as “stunted Underdark variants of Rothe”, becoming Medium size rather than big, having fewer hit dice and hit points, and achieving the capacity to cast Dancing Lights along with better Darkvision. Rothe are described as “resembling musk oxen” a type of Ox but having Darkvision. Oxen are called being like Cows, but with all the trait “Beast of Burden”, which means they have been considered to be Huge for the purposes of identifying carrying capacity.

By the guide, it follows that Deep Rothe are Medium sized animals that are believed to be Huge when it comes to reasons of determining carrying capacity! Being that they are STR 18 the variation never ever mentions a modification of energy from that associated with base cow , they are able to carry weight! Still, that is pretty impressive for a creature this is certainly roughly how big a sizable dog. The deep rothe will be the only cattle along with the just beast with a cantrip that you could select to be Ranger Beastmasters Companion.

BookBarbarian Expert Long Rester. I like it. The are just like tiny Underdark mule-cows. Jester David Hero. I actually don’t see it talked about anywhere that rothe are a variant of the ox. Relating to the text they “resemble musk oxen and also have darkvision”.

It generally does not mention that they make use of the ox statblock after all, so they just use the cow statblock and add darkvision. And both the Ox and Rothe entries utilize the same header, therefore even the formatting suggests they may be both cow variants.

Just because they resemble musk oxen does not mean they use the ox statistics. Consequently, the deep rothe is a method cow and carries things such as a medium creature rather than a sizable, and does not have the creature or burden trait. Edwin Suijkerbuijk Explorer. Werebat said:. Click to expand Oofta Title? I actually don’t require no stinkin’ name. Whether or otherwise not I’d rule they own the creature of burden trait, I would personally treat all of them as big one size larger , not huge.

So they can carry a great deal, which may sound right, however half a ton. The Crimson Binome Hero. Oversized Weapon Ex A titan wields a good, two-handed warhammer large enough for Gargantuan creatures without penalty. Sacrosanct Legend. Man, some for the things gamers debate about Olgar Shiverstone Hero.

You understand that is why Deep Rothe all wear capes, appropriate? They truly are all super-cattle. Parmandur Legend. Mules are moderate, and have the Beast of stress characteristic, meaning they’ve been huge in terms of carrying ability. It’s basically just Powerful Build, but also for Quadrupeds. Article reply. Insert quotes…. Awfully Cheerful Engine! Forum number Article thread…. An Advertisement.

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